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Dispur Girls Photo

This small town became the capital of Assam, in 1973, but remains very much in the shadow of its much larger neighbor, has a Guwahati.Dispur existence as a people on the outskirts of Guwahati, in the place as the capital of Assam in 1973. This was after Shillong, the former capital, the capital of Meghalaya, which was carved out of Assam.

Dispur Beautiful Girls Photo

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Dispur Beautiful Girls Photo

Tea is the largest of the products produced by the city. The industrial activities of city government controls the appearance of the city under the direct control of a prime minister and cabinet. Assamese is the local language, a dialect of Bengali, which is often spoken in India, especially in the north.

Although commonly known as the capital of Assam, Dispur is also known for its tea auction market. It is easily accessible from Guwahati. As is the case of Assam, Dispur is also found in the earthquake belt.

Dispur Beautiful Girls Photo

Dispur has warm summers and cold winters, as the case of Guwahati. Winters are also associated with occasional showers to further lower the temperature. Dispur monsoon season begins in June. Dispur monsoons are usually associated with thunderstorms with heavy rainfall.

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